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Jamson H.

Katie is an amazing music teacher for my daughter. She’s very flexible in these crazy times and is very patient in her teaching. I’d highly recommend Katie.

April E.

My daughter has been taking voice and piano lessons from Katie for a few months now. My daughter is so excited about each lesson with Katie! She has gained a lot of confidence in herself through the process, and I smile each time she belts out a song, because she never used to do that. It's super cute to hear her little vibrato working as she sings! Katie has brought that out in her! She's the best!

Jan W.

Katie is very knowledgeable and also fun to work with. For me, she modified a lot of the piano music I was working on due to my concussion. I sure did appreciate that!
I will have my two grandchildren take lessons from Katie when they are a bit older. Thank you Katie. 

VIta D.

My daughter takes vocal lessons and all I can say - just after few classes, we noticed the improvement in her singing skills… Also, after trying few different teachers I can for sure say Katie is really nice, well educated teacher that knows how work with kids.

Wanda L.

Katie brings incredible energy to every session with my daughter, which is a huge hit with my daughter. My daughter really responds to her instruction and feedback. She’s had incredible improvement in her singing with only a few sessions with Katie.

A woman singing in a record studio
I have done two sessions with Katie and she is amazing. The best coaches are those who build a foundation and strong relationship with their clients or students. I can't wait to do more sessions soon. I recommend working with her.

Isaiah P.

Tricia H.

Katie is fantastic. She has such great positive energy and amazing musical talent. My daughter has learned so much in the short time we've been taking lessons and she looks forward to her lessons all week.

Erin P.

We have had Katie as a private lesson music teacher for at least 3 years. She is super friendly, reliable, helpful and upbeat. Her lessons are interactive and involve some games to help students remember different parts of music theory and other exercises to engage students when needed. We have had her teach violin, piano and voice lessons, she teaches other things too! Overall Katie is great! We highly recommend her, the kids always leave feeling like they learned a bit more without being overwhelmed.

Don M.

Excellent teacher, enthusiastic and personable

Boris S.

Our son has been in lessons with Katie (virtually) for voice for the past several months and he truly appreciates this time to practice his voice. Where he has shown hesitance to practice music with other teachers, he shows only enthusiasm for voice with Katie. She is friendly, full of energy, and does the best job (that I've seen) of anyone with voice in a young child. We're happy we found her!

Leigha M.

I absolutely love working with Katie. I find myself not wanting our sessions to end! She is such a bright presence and has helped my voice I ways I didn’t know were possible. I wish I had started with her years ago!

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