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Live Rock Concert Band

sing your story, express your soul

Master control over your voice and hone your craft with an accomplished recording artist

For ages 10+

Benefits of Online Singing

Online Singing allows for you to watch yourself on camera, just like singing in front of a mirror. This allows for you to see all that is going on. For example, making sure you have no tension!

Spend less time in traffic, have more continuous and frequent lessons, save money! 

Option to record lessons (warmups, repertoire practice, and vocal tips) to go back and use for training throughout the week.

More flexibility with your schedule, learn from the comfort of your home, access to the best teaching--wherever you live!

Pop Music Stage
"Best vocal coach ever. Patient, enthusiastic, professional, fun to work with"

Colin from Surfaces

Online Lesson Platforms



Google Meet

What you will need:

A good internet connection

2nd device for background tracks, lyrics, and for music streaming platforms

Headphones (Optional)



$50/ 30 min lesson

$75/ 45 min lesson

$100/ 60 min lesson

Recording Session

Send in a video of yourself singing to receive feedback!

New to singing?

Need help with auditioning? 

Don't have time to schedule a voice lesson or recurring lessons? 

Send in a one-time video of you singing a song you'd like feedback on. 


3 Easy Steps:

1. Click the "send feedback video" button to send an email to request more information. You will receive info on where to pay

2. Make payment

3. Send Video

What you will receive: 

1. Feedback video from coach, demonstrating how to fix the troubled areas of the song 

-detailed notes of constructive feedback

-10% off a future voice lesson whenever you'd like! 

Feedback Video Rate = $60

Looking at enhancing your musical knowledge? Start with learning a new instrument!

Wooden Piano



$40/ 30 min lesson

$60/ 45 min lesson

$80/ 60 min lesson


Thanks for submitting!

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